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Fashion · May 25, 2018

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Lifetrons Beauty Switzerland is all about being comfortable in your own skin. That’s why we 
strive to design innovative beauty tools for a skin revolution – to turn back 
time and restore your skin’s natural healthy glow. Lifetrons Beauté will empower 
you to look and feel naturally beautiful every day. 

Lifetrons Beauty 
Switzerland RE100 RF eye rejuvenator 

Enjoy ultimate skincare 
at home with Lifetrons 4-in-1 Eye Rejuvenator, designed especially to treat the 
eye and mouth area. It features radio frequency, negative ion, sonic vibration 
and thermotherapy for a smoother, more youthful look. Radio frequency energy may 
help stimulate collagen and elastin production while reducing the appearance of 
fine lines and wrinkles. Negative ions may help enhance skincare absorption. 
Sonic vibration paired with thermotherapy may help fade dark circles and reduce 
bags under the eyes. Also may help with fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth 
area. Compact and rechargeable via USB. Lifetrons Beauty Switzerland RE100 RF 
eye rejuvenator Features 4-in-1 design integrates radio frequency, negative ion, 
sonic vibration and thermotherapy Radio frequency energy may help promote 
collagen production, stimulate elastin, firm the skin and diminish fat granules 
Radio frequency may help lift and contour the eye area while reducing the 
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Sonic vibration combined with 
thermotherapy may help improve blood circulation, fade dark circles and reduce 
bags under the eyes Negative ion technology may help increase the effectiveness 
of skincare and accelerate nutrition absorption deep into the skin’s layers 
Rechargeable design with long lasting battery life Lifetrons Beauty Switzerland: 


Lifetrons Beauty Switzerland CMD100 Ultra Cleanser - 
With Ion & EMS Technology


Lifetrons Beauty Switzerland Ultra Cleanser beauty 
device combines a silicone cleansing brush with micro-vibrations, EMS and 
positive or negative ions for ultimate skin care. Gentle micro-vibrations 
cleanse while helping restore skin and improve blood circulation for more 
radiant skin. EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) may help lift and firm skin 
while activating cells and promoting regeneration. Positive ion technology helps 
thoroughly clean the pores of dirt and debris. Negative ion massage helps 
deliver nutrients from face cream or serum deep into skin’s layers. Compact and 
rechargeable via USB. IPX5 rating for water resistance. Lifetrons Beauty 
Switzerland CMD100 Ultra Cleanser Features Combines micro-vibrations, ionic 
power and EMS lifting technology into one handheld beauty device 5 levels of low 
frequency micro-vibrations exfoliates and stimulates facial muscles for more 
radiant skin 2 levels of positive or negative ion treatments help cleanse or 
import nutrition into the skin's layers Gentle EMS currents use a unique 
secondary movement which may help tone facial muscles, tighten skin and improve 
elasticity Rated IPX5** water resistant, perfect for use with your facial 
cleansing routine Rechargeable design with long lasting battery life Lifetrons 
Beauty Switzerland: https://lifetrons.ch/en/54-beaute

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Ian Martens says:
May 28, 2018


Mooie video haha

Nini says:
May 28, 2018


Nice one baby

Francis P says:
May 26, 2018


Lovely video JennaMinnie haha

Mell says:
May 26, 2018


I like the effect!!

Lilly T says:
May 25, 2018


Great things to try I assume? xx

Sara says:
May 25, 2018


Omg love it, very nice video, I would love to try it!!laughinglaughing

Karen says:
May 25, 2018


Wow zalig effect!!